Beachy peachy. Last #sunset of #nicaragua #vacation 2013. #maderaslife #latergram #travel

¡Español ahora! Last ditch effort to be a doofus in two languages for the lovely folks down in Nicaragua. #vacation #whoamikidding #aydiosmio #mighthurtmyself #instavirgin (at Barnes & Noble)

Just some morning coffee for today’s high-bypass unducted turbofan service to…wherever you’re going. At your service!

The radio: we really only use two of these buttons.

"Slant-Alpha" aka "Unable direct" aka "My leg". Flight computer is sick and needs to rest so we’re back to the radio basics for finding our way with VORs, their distance, and their radials. Didn’t get lost too badly.

Brace for acronyms: some folks have ACARS for their ATIS but we prefer to go retro. With illustrations.

March, 2012.  The crew of this Austrian Dash 8 pass over the Inn (river) after winding through the Alpine Inn valley.  A high right downwind and a distant course reversal (gibberish) are standard fare for Innsbruck arrivals on this runway.  Of course, anything else and you’ve got a mouthful of rock.

March, 2012.  Street signs aren’t the only way to get your bearings in Innsbruck: other ways to know you’ve landed in the capitol of Tyrol include lively pastel colors, big mountains and super hospitable drunks (I swear, I’ve only heard about that last one).

March, 2009.  One-way to the Highway, useful only if you’re in a strange rush to leave Innsbruck, Austria.

March, 2012.  ”Hamburg”, in Frankfurt, to LA.